This year's sale will take the form of a viewing day,with an option to buy on Friday4th Sept at 2.00pm

Buyers are invited to register prior to the sale, as no one will be allowed on farm, if they are not registered in advance. Email [email protected] or use the contact form on this site to register.  

Social distancing regulations have been set up and will be strictly enforced.
Face masks must be worn at all times. 

Check out our For Sale Page  for details of this year's 40 Suffolk rams, including EBV's and Pedigrees.
We also have 5 Suffolk X Beltex Rams for sale. 





Analysed on Terminal Sire Index

TRAIT                    Breed Average    Top 10%    Top 5%
Maternal ability EBV    0.17                    0.84     1.03
Scan weight EBV         1.21                    4.47      5.39
Muscle depth EBV       0.17                    1.29      1.6
Fat depth EBV              0.05                    0.4        0.49
Terminal Sire Index    136                       223       248

Maternal ability:     This is the maternal compotential of the 8-week measurement. The higher this figure the better a ram's ewe lambs will perform as mothers (i.e. milking ability)

Scan weight:     The breeding potential for lamb growth rates to 21 weeks (age at scanning). The selection of breeding stock with high scan weight EBVs will result in animals with heavier carcases at at constant fat class or leaner carcases at a constant age.

Muscle weight:     Choosing animals with high muscle depth EBVs will increase lamb muscularity and hence the lean meat content of the carcase.

Fat depth:     Negative values indicate animals with lower fat content which will produce leaner carcases or which can be taken to higher weights without becoming over-fat.

Index:         Highlights superior breeding stock for a specific breeding objective.

Rams bred for carcase conformation and the ability to breed replacement females, with longevity and durability.
MV Accredited
Rams selected for good commercial conformation, high EBV’s, birth vigour and hardiness

The top ram in this year's Ram Compare Scheme was sired by Sandyknowe Ettrick 07(shown above), coming top for muscle and second top for carcass weight

Sandyknowe Soul Trader who sold for £1600 at the inaugural on-farm sale at Sandyknowe, also appears in the top ten over all breeds, for overall carcase conformation and carcase merit.

The Sandyknowe Suffolk Flock was established in 1957 by Tom Stewart, and was kept at Sandyknowe, Kelso until 1999 when the flock was moved along the road to Brotherstone, Melrose under the management of Tom’s son Malcolm Stewart.
The flock is run on a very commercial basis, producing shearling rams that we feel are best suited to prime lamb production on grazing based system, producing lambs with tremendous birth vigour and growth rates. The ewes are lambed at grass with no concentrate other than triplets starting at the end of April.

We have been very focused on not only producing outstanding commercial rams for our buyers but also to produce rams, who's Suffolk cross female replacements, are durable and long lasting.